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Group Guitar Learn-In

 Wednesday, July 11th, we are having another guitar "Learn-In" at Asbury UMC, 26th and Asbury, 7-9 PM. If you want to learn guitar, Classical guitar basics can cover all the styles . Join the conversation, swap some playing pointers and get a jump ahead on lessons.   FREE!                                                                           

We will be looking at the Carcassi Guitar Method,  pick up this book and you will learn for life!                                                                         Hosted by Steve Kuhn, Erie Peninsula Classical

Andres Segovia


El Noi de la Mare

About Us

Reading actual scores of Baroque and Classical composers

Studied Classical Guitar for many years!

Playing Classical Music live for over 50 years at the foot of The Peninsula

The trail is long...

  • Recorded at Radio City Music Hall with John Carroll, Tom Nagle, Roy Helm, Dale Skelly, John Skendall, Steve Kuhn and David McMillin in the 1970's.  See HISTORY above


Played in several local bands. Guitar,Bass,Sax,Flute and Drums.