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The two main directions of a classical guitar:


      For one, there is the Italian school initiated by the Italian Mauro Giuliani, who settled in Vienna around 1800. He was the first one to show the inhabitants of the German-speaking countries what a guitar is capable of. And secondly, it is the Spanish school which has the strongest influence to this day, because there is a direct line from F. Sor (pictured)to F. Tarrega and up to A. Segovia, who turned over a new leaf in the history of the guitar in today’s time.



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           Jose Ferrer y Esteve

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Pictured is Jose Ferrer Esteve

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Studied Classical Guitar for many years!

Reading actual scores of Baroque and Classical composers

Playing Classical Music live for over 50 years at the foot of The Peninsula

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  • Recorded at Radio City Music Hall with the original McMillin and Life in the 1970's.  See HISTORY above



Played in several local bands. Guitar,Bass,Sax,Flute and Drums.